Beading Patterns


How Do We Love Beaded Flowers? Let’s Count The Ways!

Floral designs and beaded flowers have always been a popular theme for bead artists, and it’s easy to understand why. Who can resist the colors and shapes of these natural beauties? Flowers translate to beautiful beaded jewelry designs so easily using your favorite bead-weaving stitches, so it’s no wonder that some of my favorite beading…


Make this Sparkly Bracelet and Bling Ring in a Flash

It happens every year. The seasons seemingly fast forward and the holidays are upon us before we finish savoring the last days of summer. I am already thinking up clever ideas for DIY holiday gifts and trying to budget my time accordingly! Whether you are interested in sprucing up your own holiday party attire with…


5 Romantic Seed Bead Patterns from Kelly Wiese

Are you looking to add a little romance to your beading projects? Kelly Wiese, Beadwork magazine Designer Of the Year and author of Beaded Allure, knows how to use seed beads to create elegant, romantic beaded jewelry. Using just a few crystals and pearls, she creates beaded jewelry that is soft, feminine, and utterly wearable…