Free beading patterns for beaded ropes: Learn how to stitch beaded ropes using herringbone stitch and more!

For most of us, our introduction to stitching beaded ropes was through making spiral ropes out of seed beads. The easy, rhythmic thread path that creates tiny loops of seed beads over a central core of beads has been the foundation for many incredible beaded jewelry designs. And like many of us, mastering that first beaded rope technique led us to explore other tubular variations of our favorite bead-weaving stitches like peyote stitch and herringbone stitch. Maybe we even explored beading techniques for making beaded ropes that were strictly tubular like African Helix! However we got our start learning how to make beaded ropes, it’s obvious that they can be so much more than just a way to hang a pretty beaded pendant. With just a few easy or innovative bead embellishment techniques, you can turn a simple strand into a stunning stand-alone piece of beaded jewelry like a necklace, bracelet, or lariat. There are so many ways to stitch a beaded rope using your favorite seed beads, and that’s why we assembled this collection of free beading patterns and projects all about how to make beaded ropes.

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Get free beaded rope patterns!

Making bead rope necklaces has never been so simple

Once you’ve learned the basics of stitching beading ropes, you can take your skills further by learning techniques for embellishing them with beads, advanced techniques for clean and professional finishings, and even how to combine them with other beading and jewelry-making techniques. You’ll learn how to stitch and finish beaded ropes using three beautiful beading stitches for necklaces, bracelets, and lariats. Learn how to combine beaded ropes with crystals, pearls, glass beads, and even chain for unique beaded jewelry projects. These free beaded rope projects will have you thinking differently about how you stitch with your favorite tubular beading stitches and beaded rope techniques.

Learn how to make spiral rope bracelets

Free Pattern 1

Omega Connector by Sharon Bateman

Learn how to stitch African Helix using your favorite seed beads. Once you’ve finished your beaded rope, you’ll learn step-by-step how to create a professional-looking finish for your beaded necklace using an easy wire and bead technique that will result in less wear and tear on the ends of your beaded rope.

Learn how to make beaded rope jewelry

Free Pattern 2

Maggie’s Weave by Marlene Blessing

These easy-to-stitch herringbone stitch tubes get a kick from a modern color palette. This beaded necklace project uses two tubular herringbone stitch ropes along with basic stringing and crimping techniques to mix chain, metal beads, handmade artisan lampwork beads, and seed beads for a fashion-forward necklace that you can wear anywhere.

Learn how to make beaded rope jewelry

Free Pattern 3

Aegean Sea by Scarlett Lanson

Basic spiral rope never looked as elegant as it does in this beaded lariat project! Using crystals, pearls, and faceted glass beads to create rich, luscious texture that combines perfectly with vintage-looking brass chain and a bead-embellished brass centerpiece.

Free beaded rope patterns for jewelry

Free Pattern 4

Eye of the Peacock Lariat by Kerrie Slade

An easy twisted herringbone rope provides support for two gorgeous beaded “peacock” feathers, made from seed beads, crystal rings, and Lapis Lazuli gemstone beads. This lightweight beaded lariat is a beautiful nod to the Art Deco style of design, but modern enough that you’ll go out of your way to wear this beautiful beaded lariat.

Discover tips to learn how to make jewelry with beaded ropes.

Free Pattern 5

Satin Spirals Bracelet by Julie D’Amico-Beres

The fun texture of this beaded bracelet made from basic spiral stitch comes from the combination of three different types of glass beads. Maybe you’ll be inspired to play with beads you have in your own stash to come up with some variations on your basic spiral rope?

See what comes out of your own imagination with this tutorial.

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