Free Bead Netting Patterns & Instructions for Netted Beadwork

Netting has long been a favorite of beaders everywhere to create amulet bags (remember those?) and is ideal for stitching beaded broad collars. The open, lacy look of this off-loom beading stitch can be used for any type of beaded jewelry, including beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, as well as stunning jewelry-making components using your favorite glass and gemstone beads. Get expert instruction from two of your favorite artists in the basics of circular bead netting with fully illustrated beading tutorials, and then use your newfound skills to make five free bead-weaving projects using beaded netting. Are you ready to get caught up in all the lovely beaded jewelry-making projects that can be made?

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Free guide and patterns for netted beadwork
Create your own stunning beaded netting jewelry!

So what’s inside?

With these five free bead netting projects, you’ll see how this versatile beading stitch can be used to capture the ethnic flavor of beadwork from far-away lands; learn off-loom bead-weaving stitches; and find out how to create tubular and circular variations of beaded netting. Beaded netting isn’t just for seed beads: these five free beading projects use pearls, glass drops, crystal beads, fire polished glass beads, and bugle beads, too! Add these finished beaded jewelry projects to your collection, or make them as gifts for your friends – you’ll love how quickly they work up when you need a last-minute gift.

Learn how to make jewelry with bead netting stitch

Cleopatra’s Necklace by Nadia Pokash

This beaded necklace project is the perfect way to learn beading basics. Using just seed beads and bugle beads, you can craft this rich-looking beaded broad collar in just a few hours. Using the most basic form of beaded netting, you’ll learn how to work horizontal bead netting to create a light, openwork beaded necklace.

Learn how to make netted beadwork jewelry

African Inspirations by Susan Yvette-England

This beading technique has been used by other cultures throughout the world to create unique beadwork, and this beaded amulet bag is a beautiful example of how you can find inspiration from around the world to use in your beaded jewelry designs.

Free netting stitch patterns for jewelry

Lavender Lattice by Hortense Thompson

Beading techniques combine seamlessly with other off-loom bead-weaving stitches in this funky piece of wrist wear that uses seed beads plus four other types of glass and crystal beads to create a richly textured beaded bracelet.

Discover tips to learn how to create beaded netting.

XOXO Bracelet by Callie Mitchell

This quick-to-stitch beaded bracelet uses a couple of large glass pearls to create a bubbly texture, and the daisy chain stitch creates an easy project that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Discover tips for beautiful bead netting patterns.

Lacy Bouquet by Melinda Barta

Inspired by a piece of printed scrapbook paper, this bead netting project uses Czech seed beads in two different sizes to create a bold, open-work beaded jewelry-making component that can be used for bracelets, necklaces, or earrings.

Free bead netting tutorial and patterns

Netting Tutorial by Dustin Wedekind

Take your beading techniques up a notch with Dustin Wedekind’s Lessons in Seed Beads, and find out how to work both flat, circular netting and tubular netting. Both of these variations on basic bead netting can be used to create beaded ropes, pendants, and so much more!

Discover tips for beautiful beaded netting.

[Bead Netting] Stitch Pro by Jean Campbell

And finally, if you want to play around with some shaped beaded netting techniques, Stitch Pro Jean Campbell shares her tips and techniques for a wonderful shaped bead netting tutorial.

Every beader could benefit from improving their bead netting.

This beading stitch is especially good for home decor, gifts and other things that aren’t beaded jewelry. Give it a go today.

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