How to Make Your Own Bead Jewelry Designs

Anyone can learn to assemble jewelry elements, but creating personalized pieces transforms a jewelry maker into a jewelry designer. Many beaders start out making jewelry using beaded jewelry patterns, which is a great place to start to learn about the tools and techniques required. Take your handmade beaded jewelry to the next level by learning from Beading Daily.

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Guide to Making Jewelry with Beads: Create Handmade Beaded Jewelry from Your Own Bead Jewelry Designs
Make Beaded Jewelry Designs

Find inspiration for your next beaded jewelry design with these free tips!

Explore the world of design to create your own patterns worthy of sharing with your fellow jewelry makers. Beading techniques have never been more exciting with these free expert tips to creating your own bead jewelry designs. When you understand the fundamentals of working with beads, making custom pieces from your own designs will come as second nature. Learn how to make jewelry with beads and get your creative juices flowing with inspiration from free projects and a free guide on creating handmade beaded jewelry.

Learn how to make jewelry with beads with this free pattern.

How to Make Beaded Jewelry Using Brick Stitch

Try Dustin Wedekind’s instructions for brick stitch increases and decreases to learn more about how to shape this very versatile beadweaving stitch. Then try Nancy Jones’ Bead Be Bangled bracelets to see how brick stitch is used to create these easy-to-wear beaded bracelets.

Create favorite beaded jewelry patterns with inspiration from this free eBook!

Beaded Jewelry Design Ideas Using Peyote Stitch

Next, learn how to do two drop odd-count peyote stitch with Dustin Wedekind‘s directions. This popular variation on peyote stitch can be used to create shape and texture in your beaded jewelry designs. Follow up with a free beading pattern to apply your technique with Laurie Nelson’s lovely Lady’s Slipper Earrings. Discover how shaped peyote stitch can be used to make beaded flower petals.

Discover tips to learn how to make beaded jewelry.

Making Handcrafted Jewelry Using Bead Netting Techniques

Netting can be used in so many different ways to create wonderful beaded jewelry designs, and Dustin Wedekind’s hexagonal netting tutorial illustrates how this beading stitch can be modified to create lovely shapes. Bonnie Voelker’s Potato Chip Netting design takes it one step further and uses free-form netting to create handmade brooches and ornaments. Potato chip netting is simply three-bead netting that becomes wrinkled by using smaller or larger beads in certain areas. The basic instructions explain how to do three-bead netting.

Get your hands on free  bead jewelry ideas to make your own beaded jewelry.

Make Beaded Jewelry Using Right-angle Weave

Right-angle weave is probably the most loved and feared beading stitch around. But never fear—in Stitch Pro by Jean Campbell, she takes the guesswork out of single needle right-angle weave. Once you’ve mastered right-angle weave, try Eileen Arnstein’s Link Necklace, composed to right-angle weave chains that are linked together as you stitch them!

Free Projects for Beading Jewelry

Learn to Sketch Your Designs

Get out your sketch book and collection of beads: using your own designs is fun and rewarding! Design your very own beautiful and wearable art. Learn the basics to sketching your own bead jewelry designs to capture inspiration or provide solutions to common design problems you may face when designing beaded jewelry without sketching it out first. Whether you’re a beginner or have been creating your own designs for years, you’ll find tips and beautiful projects in this instructional tutorial that are sure to capture your imagination. Check out examples straight from other jewelry makers’ sketchbooks for ideas on how to sketch your imagination!

The more you know about designing bead patterns, the more you can create.

The experts and Beading Daily have selected some of the best craft blogs, beading stitch tutorials, and a sample of free beading patterns to show you how each beading stitch can be altered and modified to create a unique piece.