Free Patterns for Beaded Chain Maille: Jewelry Projects and Chain Maille Instructions

Meet the ancient art of creating a fabric through the linking of metal jump rings in intricate chain maille patterns. Chainmail was used for centuries as battle armor, but these days, the jewelry technique has become a popular technique for those of us who love to craft. There’s a rhythmic, soothing nature to creating a piece, and it’s easy to lose yourself in the simple repetitions of opening and closing the jump rings as you weave away into the night. All you need to do is master the technique of opening and closing your jump rings, and you are on your way to creating stunning necklaces, bracelets and earrings! These four free chain maille jewelry patterns will help you master new weaves, refine your skills, and learn how to make chain maille jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.


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Download these easy-to-follow chain maille instructions to complement your beading skills.

These four free chain maille jewelry instructions demonstrate beautifully how you can use this technique to create different types of jewelry – earrings, necklaces, and bracelets – using a number of different chain maille weaves. Use these jewelry making instructions to showcase a favorite fancy two-strand clasp, highlight your favorite strand of beads, or show off your sense of color with a fun twist on the traditional Foxtail weave. You’ll also learn variations of the popular Byzantine weave, how to use a variation on the Helm weave to create a pair of chain maille earrings, and a technique for using a traditional Japanese chain maille technique to create a spectacular bib necklace.

Learn how to make a jewelry chain

Free Pattern #1: Chainmaille necklace

Sara E. Graham’s Foxy Roxy necklace is a vibrant take
on basic foxtail chain maille weave with colorful jump
rings and handmade lampwork or ceramic beads. Who
knew that metal necklaces could be so colorful? While most chainmaille jewelry is made from precious metal jump rings like sterling silver, lightweight anodized jump rings add a fun twist to traditional jewelry patterns. These colorful chainmaille supplies will have you thinking about your chainmaille patterns in a whole new way!

Learn how to make chainmaille jewelry patterns

Free Pattern #2: Chainmaille bracelet

Byzantine weave is one of the most popular of the traditional chain maille patterns, and this bracelet brilliantly adapts it to showcase a special two-strand clasp. Challenge yourself and create a stunning chain maille bracelet using this innovative chain maille jewelry technique. Deanna Kittrell’s Gridlock Chain Bracelet is a soothing
chainmaille jewelry project for your favorite twostrand
jewelry clasp. Create this Byzantine weave
variation one unit at a time for a substantial, intricate
chain maille bracelet.

Get free patterns to make chain maille rings

Free Pattern #3: Celtic Chain Mail Earrings

These outstanding chain maille earrings are created using a Helm weave to capture a favorite bead in the center of what appears to be a Celtic knot. Learn how to create and use jewelry making tools to assemble breathtakingly intricate chainmail jewelry. Advance your jewelry making skills when
you learn how to capture your favorite glass or
gemstone beads in Melissa Senetar’s Celtic Cage
Earrings. They also make fabulous bracelet or necklace components, or a single
spectacular pendant.

Discover tips to learn how to created beaded chain maille designs.

Free Pattern #4: Victorian Floral Necklace from Jump Rings

Learn a traditional Japanese chain maille technique when you create this bold bib necklace. Each individual component is created separately, then joined together to form a dramatic chain maille centerpiece. This handmade necklace is the perfect way to showcase your skills, as well as a favorite strand of small gemstone beads. Jaclyn Craft’s Victorian Floral Necklace uses a Japanese
12-in-2 chain maille weave to create an impressive
bib-style necklace, accented with your favorite glass or
gemstone round beads.

Chain maille jewelry is versatile and cheap.

By learning just a few basic chainmaille jewelry patterns, you can learn how to make chain
maille jewelry for any occasion and using just about any
kind of bead you like for adornment. Chain maille supplies
can be found at just about any local bead shop or craft
store, and you can get started right now using jewelry tools
that you already have at home.

Learn just how easy chainmaille can be!