New Tutorial: Using a Die-Cutting Machine to Emboss Metal

Awhile back, I had the good fortune of learning how to emboss on metal from an expert in the field, Jess Italia Lincoln, who is the director of advertising and education at Vintaj Natural Brass Company. Jess held a workshop wherein we created a miniature photo album, complete with embossed covers and interior pages. Here I'll show you how easy it is, using the Vintaj Sizzix Embossing and Die-Cutting Machine and a few accessories.

You'll need a die-cutting machine, a few embossing folders (shown here: folders from Vintaj and Cuttlebug), an assortment of blanks, and a metal-reliefing block:


First, place a blank inside the embossing folder, making sure to align the blank over the desired area of the pattern:


Next, stack the items so that the platform is on the bottom, followed by 1 clear plate, the closed folder, and a second clear plate:


Feed the platform and plates through the machine, turning the crank until the folder has passed all the way through:


Finally, use the metal reliefing block to buff the raised area of the design:


It's easy to create customized pendants in just a few easy steps!


Here's the mini album I made in Jess's workshop by riveting two embossed metal plates together, adding a few embellishments, and coloring the metal using alcohol inks:


You can use the same method to emboss the pages, like this:


Happy Crafting!

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