Designing with Birthstones

Like many of you, my daughter has a December birthday. I'd like to create a special piece of jewelry incorporating her birthstone so I've gathered a few tips from some very helpful web sites with information on birthstones and gemstones.

This American Gem Society chart provides the history of each month's birthstone. Visit their web site here and click on the month you were born.


Instead of designing with your birthstone, find gems in your favorite color to inspire your designs by referencing this gem palette from the American Gem Trade Association.


Click here to download "4 Free Gemstone Jewelry Making Projects" from Beading Daily, which includes a bonus guide to finding affordable gemstones, the special meaning of gemstones, and dyed vs. natural gemstones.


As for my daughter's bracelet, I may string a few of these Swarovski tanzanite-colored crystals from Fire Mountain Gems or these stunning blue topaz briolettes that I found on Etsy. She'll be thrilled with either one!


Do you have tips for designing with birthstones or other gemstones? Share your comments below.


Happy creating!

Debbie Blair, Managing Editor


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