Bead Embroidery Patterns in Exclusive, Free Guide

If you have been interested in trying your hand at this particular beading technique, get ready to feel inspired! Beading Daily has gathered five free bead embroidery patterns with step-by-step instruction sure to inspire you on your beadwork journey. Download this free guide and begin creating bead applique pieces sure to get noticed. We are excited to present five beautiful bead embroidery projects, all free! Unlike other types of off-loom beadweaving, this involves the stitching of seed beads to a fabric or felt-like backing. While the basic stitches are relatively simple, the results can be spectacular. Whether you are a new beader, want new ideas for bead applique or picot trim, or are already an expert, you’re sure to enjoy this collection of free patterns.

Bead embroidery allows you to "paint" with your beads on a fabric "canvas" for a look that you just can’t get with other beadweaving techniques. You can also easily incorporate found objects, gemstone and handmade cabochons and other unique jewelry-making components into your projects. In this free tutorial, you will find instructions on beadwork embroidery covering a wide range of styles and techniques. Get your collection of patterns to get started today!

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Bead Embroidery Patterns in Exclusive, Free Guide from Beading Daily.
Bead Embroidery Patterns in Exclusive, Free Guide from Beading Daily.

Every successful beader knows bead embroidery.

Brush up on basic bead applique techniques or apply new skills to create a stylish picot trim to your favorite wardrobe piece! While this can be used to make spectacular beaded jewelry, it can also be used to add a decorative touch to all sorts of things like purses and handbags, clothing and even shoes! Embroidery with beads is instantly recognizable in Native American beadwork, and some of the most breathtaking fashions seen on the runway in the 20th century have also been decorated with this technique.

Use bead embroidery to turn a cabochon into an elegant inspired piece of art.

Bead Embroidery Pin

Turn a cabochon into an elegant, inspired piece of art. It is really important to audition your stones with your different beads. Begin by laying out possible designs on a table and playing with the composition. Tracing the cabochon onto paper and sketching designs with pencil or draping strands of beads around the cabochon can help you get going. Get this pattern to turn a cabochon into a stunning piece of art.

Bead embroidery with alphabet letters.

Beaded Alphabet Letters

This beautiful pattern is a great project for using up all of those little beads you have left over from other projects. These pins were inspired by medieval manuscripts created by monks who drew fantastic flora, fauna, and other beaded patterns around letters in their books. Follow the simple guidelines here to embroider a rich-looking letter brooch, and you’ll soon be on your way to beading a whole alphabet!

Make stunning bead embroidery pieces sure to get noticed with this free beaded pouch pattern.

Beaded Pouch

"When I give a handmade beaded bracelet or necklace to someone dear, the gift becomes more special if it’s delivered in an embellished pouch." — Marlene Blessing

Learn to make a beautiful bead-embroidered pouch in this step by step beading pattern. Deliver with a special gift inside, or consider the pouch a gift in and of itself!

Amazing free beading tutorial

Bead Embroidered Bracelet

As soon as Judy Brownell saw Lochrosen crystals, she became obsessed with trying to find more of them. Here she shows off their beauty by stitching them to a piece of teal Ultrasuede, which with a crystal button and loop added becomes a glittering bracelet. Learn to make a stunning bracelet with this pattern.

Bead embroidery tutorial: embroidered cuff

DIY Embroidery Cuff

Create this blooming cuff with a garden of Lucite components in this wonderful pattern. It’s an easy backstitch-embroidery project that turns into a wonderful three-dimensional work of art. Since only a small amount of each seed-bead color is needed for this pattern, this a great project for using up leftover beads. Consider bead-embroidering only a minimal amount of beads directly on colored Ultrasuede if you desire a solid color to really make your beads standout.

Ultimate guide to bead embroidery supplies: How to use brass blanks.

Guide to Bead Embroidery Supplies: How to Use Brass Blanks

Using a brass bead embroidery blank makes your finished jewelry look better and makes them more durable, meaning they will hold up to wear and tear better. Sure, you can use something such as a stiff cardboard or poster board for the middle layer of your “sandwich,” but it won’t last as long with heavy wear.

Learn how to bezel a cabochon with peyote stitch for bead embroidery.

How to Bezel a Cabochon with Peyote Stitch for Bead Embroidery

Ready to try a peyote stitch bezel for your bead embroidered cabochons? Here’s a tutorial with helpful tips and hints.

There’s no reason NOT to download this free bead embroidery tutorial.

Whether you like your beading patterns to be fun and fast or more complex and textured, these bead embroidery patterns are the perfect way to blend seed beads and other jewelry making components into gorgeous and unique beaded jewelry and accessories.