4 Free Bead Crochet Patterns

Showcasing the latest innovative craft pairing, these free patterns and instructions on crocheting with beads provide an overview of how to crochet with beads including tools, stitches and basic techniques. Four exciting bead crochet patterns are included that use a variety of cords and yarns of many textures to create unique beaded jewelry. Find a project to match any skill levels, as each one is presented with step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations, along with helpful hints to simplify each technique. Learn easy techniques to create a crochet beaded bracelet or a crochet beaded necklace with beaded rope incorporating your choice of pendant.
In this free ebook of bead crochet patterns, the beads are strung on your yarn or fiber before starting to crochet. Bead crochet ropes are soft and supple and can be used either on their own with some fancy cones or end caps or with your favorite handmade art glass and ceramic beads. A basic knowledge of crochet is very helpful in understanding abbreviations and patterns, but the informative, step-by-step beading instructions in this crafting tutorial will guide you through the process of creating these stunning designs in no time!
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Learn how to crochet with beads
Learn how to crochet with beads

Download these easy-to-follow bead crochet instructions to add this technique to your beading repertoire.

These free bead crochet instructions provide all the inspiration and tips you need to create unique jewelry pieces to wear or give as wonderful gifts. This craft tutorial is full of expert techniques and patterns sure to inspire ideas for beading to create one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry. It is both jewelry and art!
Take your chance to embark on the exciting journey of combining fiber and beads. Create a piece to fit your style and try your hand at a new craft today! In no time, you’ll be proudly showing off your latest creation and planning to take on the next free beading pattern! With the basic skills covered in this craft tutorial and your bead stash, you’ll be on your way to creating beautiful handmade jewelry to complement any fashion or occasion.

Beaded Crochet rope

How to Crochet with Beads: Make a Motif Pin

Make an easy pin with this unique beading pattern. Use Japanese cylinder beads and your favorite pearl cotton to create this bright and beautiful pin with bead crochet.The pattern for this pin was inspired by designs seen in Mexico and throughout the Southwest. Begin by stitching the central motif, then edge it with a row of stitches. Finish by adding a set of active fringe before attaching it to the pin. If you don’t have a pin with loops along the bottom, you may attach the beadwork to a pin bar by stitching all along the top row.

Beaded crochet rope lariats

Bead Crochet Rope Lariats

If you love to make bead crochet ropes, you’ll love this free beading pattern. From a long flapper necklace to a French sautoir, the romantic lariat is a piece of jewelry that exudes charm. The word lariat is derived from Spanish and means to retie or readjust. An active evening wearing a lariat can mean a lot of doing just that. How you tie a lariat can influence its effect. The highlight of special beads and other findings at the end of a lariat can be very flattering when the lariat is worn short and close to the face. The weight of large lariats is borne with greater ease when the lariat is held in a double wrap and tie. Some of the methods shown for tying or knotting are simple and work with a variety of lariats, from slim strands of beads to more dimensional beaded ropes. Some knots work better with certain lengths and styles.

Crochet beaded bracelets

Make Crochet Beaded Bracelets with a New Technique

Next, learn a new bead crochet technique with Lydia Borin’s swag beading tutorial and fun beaded bracelet. You’ll love the feeling of this handmade bracelet – it’s a party for your wrist!

Crochet beads to make an amulet bag

How to Bead Crochet

Beaded amulet bags will never go out of style, and Geraldine M. Rooke’s Tapestry Amulet Bag looks just as stylish now as it would have ten years ago! The bold patterns of this bead crocheted amulet bag makes a beautiful pendant – and a handy place to stash your bead money.

Put this fun new technique in your repertoire.

Bead crochet ropes are perfect for showing off your favorite art glass and ceramic beads, and making bead jewelry is a fun way to show off your skills.