Jewel's Jewel Loom from Jewel Loom Inspirations

Jewel Loom Your Beads with Julianna

Julianna Avelar (Jewels) and I had a chance to visit during the Craft and Hobby Association show. Jewels is not only a friend, she is the inventor of the Jewel Loom, author of Jewel Loom Inspirations, and has filmed several videos with us, including the “Friendship Bracelet with Picot Stitch.” We had a great time…

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Tips for Beading on a Loom

There’s an old technique that’s making a big comeback these days–loomwork. Not relegated to hat bands, belts, and wall hangings made of seed beads anymore, today’s loomwork is bold, trend-focused, and incorporates all sorts of beads, including the two-hole variety. There are many versions of looms you can try. The horizontal kind might be the…