Bead embroidery

While the basic stitches are relatively simple, the results can be spectacular. Whether you are a new beader, want new ideas for bead applique or picot trim, or are already an expert, you’re sure to enjoy our multitude of bead embroidery patterns, projects, and technique tutorials. Unlike other types of off-loom beadweaving, bead embroidery is the stitching of seed beads to a fabric or felt-like backing. While the basic stitches used in bead embroidery are relatively simple the results can be spectacular. Bead embroidery allows you to “paint” with your beads on a fabric “canvas” for a look that you just can’t get with other beadweaving techniques. You can also easily incorporate found objects, gemstones, handmade cabochons and other unique jewelry-making components into your bead embroidery projects.


Bead Crafts Are Perfect For the Holidays

I always head into the holiday season with the best of intentions. Really, I do. I make plans in my head to make all sorts of cool bead crafts to celebrate the holidays, I make lists of projects and supplies, and then…well, life always seems to get in the way. There are soccer tournaments and…


My 5 Favorite Beading Supplies for Bead Embroidery

Everyone who does bead embroidery has their own list of can't-live-without beading supplies! After years of playing and experimenting with different bead embroidery stitches and techniques, I've found that I have my own favorite beading supplies for bead embroidery. Check out my list and see if any of these are in your top 5 list…


Make Your Bead Embroidery Come Alive

Many of us look to nature as a seemingly unlimited source of inspiration for our bead embroidery projects, and with good reason: the colors, textures, and shapes of the natural world translate to beautiful bead embroidery projects, especially with all the new shapes and colors of glass beads that are available in your local bead…


Meet Bead Embroidery Artist and Instructor Mary Tafoya

Bead embroidery is one art form that I could happily explore for the rest of my life. With so much beautiful beadwork out there for inspiration, I’m excited that we’ll be hosting bead artist Mary Tafoya for our next live webinar, Bead Embroidery: Tips, Techniques, and Inspiration from Mary Tafoya on Tuesday, November 25, 2014…


Get Started Using Cabochons in Bead Embroidery

Using a grid drawn on my bead embroidery medium for symmetrical placement of my cabochons I fell in love with bezeling cabochons using off-loom bead-weaving techniques when I first started learning how to bead. But it took me a little longer to warm up to the beading techniques used for including cabochons as part of…