6 Free Wire Jewelry Patterns + Jewelry Wire Tips

Did you know that if you can make a wrapped loop, you have the skills you need for these projects? Learning how to work with wire is a great way to improve your skills and create beautiful, unique wire jewelry. Whether you like to create pendants and necklaces with wire or make your own wire earrings as a quick finishing touch for your favorite outfit, you’ll find that it is fun and addicting!

To celebrate we’ve put together this collection of free wire jewelry projects to help you learn new jewelry techniques and information for anyone looking for helpful tips on using jewelry wire.

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Download six free jewelry designs!

Download six free wire jewelry designs!

This wire jewelry tutorial is a great way to transition into metalsmithing.

If you love to craft, or want to get started learning new techniques, this is a great eBook to get you started. This collection is better than ever, now with all new designs including wire bracelets, earrings, and wire necklaces. In addition to the six jewelry making projects included, you’ll get two jewelry tutorials full of helpful tips for beginners to get you started making fun and creative jewelry. Each project is fully illustrated and includes step by step instructions for successful designs! What are you waiting for? Download your free projects and tutorials.

Make drop earrings with wire

How to Make Drop Earrings with Wire

Tribal Curves by Lori Anderson

These simple wire earrings are a beautiful way to make custom jewelry. Their unique shape makes them stand out while the coil design elements truly tie the two pieces together visually. You’ll be making earrings in no time thanks to this easy tutorial on how to make earrings.

How to make a leather and wire bracelet

How to Make a Leather and Wire Bracelet

Leather Loops by Jodi Bombardier

Leather is all the rage in jewelry making these days, but this is a piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. Follow along to learn how to make jewelry using only wire and leather cord. After they see your finished design, all your friends and family will be standing in line to have you make them their own bracelets.

how to wire wrap crystals into wire earrings

How to Make Wire Wrapped Crystal Earrings

Nicole Earrings by Susan Olivio

If you’re into mixing crystals with wire, you’ll love how these earrings pack plenty of sparkling punch! Coiled and spiraled, the design blends swirly wire designs, and finishes it off with wrapped briolettes. If you are just learning how to make jewelry, this is the perfect project with which to start.

wire wrapping stones

DIY Wire Wrapped Pendant

Diamante Locks by Aliya Shafqat

For a unique twist on necklaces, try this easy pendant. You’ll learn how to mix wire with fibers and a crystal stone for a beautiful, modern pendant that sparkles. It’s not only easy to make, but can be created using recycled materials you probably already have in your stash.

Jwire wrapping necklace

DIY Charm Necklace

Cerulean Falls by Danielle Fox

Want to learn how to make wire necklaces? This is the project to start with! Marked by a mixture of bluish gray stones cascading down a piece of chain this wire necklace ends in a pretty flower pendant. And it’s as simple as it is stylish—just form six wrapped loops and open and close four jump rings—that’s it! If this is your first jewelry project, no need to worry, it only
requires easy wrapped loops and jump rings for sweet and stylish results.

Jewelry Making Project #6: Gypsy Wire Bangle

Make a Wire Wrapped Bangle

Gypsy Wire Bangle by Janice Berkebile

This wire bracelet was made using a figure-eight technique borrowed from coiled-wire basketry and applied to large-gauge equipment. The base is wrapped with coils of fine silver, and loops are formed along the way from which a multitude of pearls and crystals dangle for movement and sparkle. So beautiful, you’ll be making wire bracelets for everyone in your life. This project from expert Janice Berkebile will teach you how to create a custom bracelet covered with wire coils for a free-spirited look you’ll want to wear every day.

Wire jewelry tutorial

Essential Guide to Wire Wrapping Tools

The Well-stocked Tool Box: Tools for Wire Wrapping (and More!) and 5 Tips for Getting Started

Two of our best jewelry making blogs from Beading Daily, both of these jewelry tutorials will help you get started using wire. Start with the five essentials that everyone should know including how to practice, the right tool for the job, and safety. Then learn all about basic jewelry making tools, including different pliers, straighteners, and cutters.

These wire wrapping projects are full of inspiration for new creations.

These wire jewelry patterns provide plenty of variety for all sorts of projects including two sets of wire earrings, two wire necklaces and wire pendants, and two wire bracelets.