4 Free Patterns for American Indian Beadwork
Plus Bonus Guide to Native American Beadwork

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Have you always wanted to learn how to make beautiful aboriginal-inspired designs? How did the bold colors and complex beadwork come about? How can you capture the tradition of Native American bead designs into your jewelry? Beading Daily answers these questions and more with this free eBook, dedicated to American Indian beadwork history, techniques, and designs.

In this free eBook you will find four free American Indian beadwork projects, along with two bonus articles about the history and necessary tools for traditional beadwork designing. Start simple with the Painted Desert stringing project to explore the many combinations and uses of color in stranded designs. Explore the structure behind the peyote-stitched tube necklace for a masterpiece that only looks complicated. Then take a lesson from the experts on using a bead loom, and try your hand at two gorgeous bead loom patterns. Explore the creative possibilities for each free beadwork project and enhance your skills with step-by-step instructions for each technique. Download the entire collection of 4 beadwork projects plus the bonus guide, grab your stash, and get started beading today!

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4 free beadwork patterns and loom beading designs

Discover American history and tradition with these 4 free beading projects and bonus guide, absolutely free!

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Learn where loom beadwork came from!

A Short History of Beads and Beadwork in North America

David offers a compelling history lesson all about aboriginal beading. Learn how glass beads and early trading in North America coincided, and how seed beads made their debut. Then discover how Native Americans used fancy beadwork patterns to help show their appreciation for warriors post World War II. Decorating celebratory clothing for veterans who returned home from the war was a huge honor. Learn more about beading history when you download this free eBook today.

Your guide for getting started with loom bead patterns and beadwork projects

Tools, Materials, and How to Buy Beads

As with any artistic endeavor, choosing the right materials for the project is critical to its success. Fortunately for beadworkers, the tools and materials used, other than beads, are not many and may already be in your craft stash. From beading looms, to specific lighting, David covers all of the essential tools and materials needed to succeed with Native American bead designs. Native Americans created their awls using buffalo shoulder or leg bone, but the materials available today make creating your own awl a cinch. Also learn about thread, cutting tools, pliers, needle cases, and much, much more.

Peyote stitched beadwork pattern #1

Pattern #1

Peyote-Stitched Tube Necklace
by Donna Chiarelli

The excitement of doing a peyote stitch project is twofold. First, there is a wonderful variety of colors from which to choose. Second, the potential for unique patterns is unlimited because the more you work with color and design, the more possibilities you will find. In this particular beading pattern, Donna uses red, yellow, and blue, adding light and dark orange to achieve a more gradual change from yellow to red. The contrasting colors make this beadwork pattern eye-catching and the shape makes the finished piece especially unique. Follow Donna’s detailed instructions for a peyote stitched masterpiece!

learn how to use a bead loom, pattern #2

Pattern #2

Stones and Roses
by Stacey Neilson

It is easier than you think to create your very own loom beadwork. Follow Stacey Neilson's step-by-step directions to learn how to use your bead loom to your full advantage. Learn how to create this gorgeous bead loom pattern bracelet, using rhinestones with a channeled metal backing for easy thread work. Take advantage of this design feature by prestringing the rhinestones on a bead loom and then weave a cobblestone texture between them. Download your free bead loom patterns and get started using your beading loom today!

#3-traditional colors in native american bead designs

Pattern #3

Painted Desert
by Lisa Kan

Lisa was deeply inspired by the colors of the Southwest- turquoise, burnt orange, sienna, and tan. The interplay of color and various shaped beads adds textural interest in this Native American beadwork pattern. This is the perfect quick and easy project for beaders all skill levels. Download your free eBook today to create your own inspired stringing project!

#4-bead loom patterns

Pattern #4

Ojibwe Pendant
by Mary Thompson

The Ojibwe Pendant is a very old loom beadwork technique. It was invented by the Ojibwe people of North America. It is woven in a continuous strip, around triangles of unbeaded warp threads. The warp threads are pulled, bringing the sections together. It is a time-consuming project but the end result is well worth the effort. As with any beading project, the bead weaver must first determine the size (bead-width) and bead colors. Try Mary’s beautiful pattern or use these techniques to design your very own loom beadwork. This bead loom pattern will teach you beading loom techniques to expand and refine your skills.

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Whether you are looking for new loom bead patterns or Native American bead designs, this free eBook from the experts at Beading Daily, is sure to satisfy all of your beading needs. Download this free eBook now and discover the wide variety of American Indian bead work patterns to start working on.

Learn to create beautiful bead loom patterns or dive into stringing and bead work patterns following the traditional style of American Indian Beadwork, all while learning new techniques to expand you skills. Already an expert at bead loom patterns? Discover new ways to use your beading looms to begin the process of creating your own loom beading designs! The best part is that this incredible instruction and free American Indian Designs are available to you now. Claim your eBook today for your free beadwork projects and bonus guides and start creating your own Native American bead designs today.

we have many more colors available to use in bead work patterns and beading loom designs

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