Make Beaded Bracelets Like a Pro With Free Bead Bracelet Patterns

If you have been interested in learning how to make bracelets with beads, get ready to feel inspired! Beading Daily has compiled six free, handmade beaded bracelet patterns to get you started. All you need to do is download your copy of the free tutorial, pick up your bracelet-making supplies and start today! Choose one beaded bracelet making pattern or try them all: seed beads, crystals, pearls, dangles, ceramic—we have you covered. These are several of our most popular beading patterns, sure to whet your appetite and get you going on some serious jewelry making.

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Must-Try beaded bracelets with these FREE and exclusive bead bracelet patterns from Beading Daily.
Must-Try beaded bracelets with these FREE and exclusive bead bracelet patterns from Beading Daily.

Creating DIY beaded bracelets has never been easier.

Dive into your bead stash and get your wire, thread, and bracelet clasp to begin making beaded bracelets with our free beaded bracelet patterns. With these 6 FREE bead bracelet patterns, you’ll get a range of techniques and designs sure to impress. Learn how to make a bracelet with these free instructions and create something special for yourself or others!

Use brass, wire and beads to create this unique bracelet using this free Beading Daily tutorial.

How to Make a Bracelet with Brass, Wire and Beads

Wooded Wonderland by Jess Italia Lincoln
To create this piece, you will suspend various types of beads, pearls, and crystals in textured "eternity garden" brass rings and make groovy gunmetal wire spirals. This modern bracelet design will complement any outfit. If you like bead bracelet making, you will definitely enjoy stringing the beads and attaching dangles to each link of chain in this jewelry project!

Create this DIY acorn bracelet in this free Beading Daily tutorial.

DIY Acorn Bracelet

Acorn Piece by Barbara Richard
Peyote-stitched, seed-bead tops turn ivory vintage beads into cute little acorns! Here, Barbara strings several of them together with pressed-glass leaves to form a bracelet you’ll go nuts over. Use this design as an inspiration to create a handmade bracelet that is both organic and creative.

Create and impress others with this easy ombre bead necklace in this free Beading Daily tutorial.

Easy Ombre Beaded Necklace Pattern

Cascade of Shades by Elisabeth Murray
Combine the subtle to darker shades of rose and purple with Bali silver for some great hombre seed bead beauty in this beaded jewelry design. If you are going to be making beaded bracelets, you have to try this pattern. You can also play with the combination of colors. Do you have a special occasion coming up? Use this bracelet design as an inspiration to make jewelry that matches your outfit.

Create this handmade beaded flower bracelet in this free Beading Daily tutorial.

Handmade Beaded Flower Bracelet

Starflower Jewelry by Cathy Collison
Once you make one of these flowers, you’ll understand the inspiration for this piece. They are so fun to make and wear, you won’t want to stop. Woven onto hand-dyed silk with a right-angle woven vine, these blossoms are a wreath for your wrist. Using tubular peyote stitch to form the base of the flowers, netting stitch to add the petals and simple wire worked loops to add the centers. Small, medium, and large flowers are made by varying the quantity of seed beads.

Learn how to knit with wire and beads in this free Beading Daily tutorial.

Learn How to Knit with Wire

Spool Knit Jewelry by Donna P. Ryan-Kocun
This beaded bracelet uses spool knitting, a yarn technique that has been around for years. Jewelry artists have now incorporated wire on spool knitters. Follow these bracelet making instructions to insert plastic tubing and wire into the spool knitting in order to keep its form. The design possibilities are endless. By adding the heavy-gauge wire to the center core, the bracelet not only has the extra support it needs, but it also simplifies the finishing process. If you’ve been making beaded bracelets for a while, you’ll enjoy experimenting with Donna’s technique.

Create your very own bracelet using vintage beads in this free Beading Daily tutorial.

Make Bracelets from Vintage Beads

Collage Bracelet by Beth Kraft
Collage in any medium, whether paper, paint, or beads, is one of Beth’s favorite techniques in the visual arts. She enjoys transforming beads of varying color, texture, size, and shape into a small piece of wearable art. The eclectic quality of bead collage is both a joyful pleasure and a wonderful exercise in creativity. Create beautiful handmade jewelry collage-style with this free pattern. Beth used vintage beads from her own collection for this piece. There are many fun contemporary beads available that can be substituted for the vintage beads shown here.

These FREE beaded bracelets are fun to make, fun to wear and make wonderful gifts.

Are you ready to make handcrafted, beaded bracelets but feel like you don’t have enough experience? In addition to these six free bead bracelet patterns, you’ll also receive expert instructions to guide you through the basic techniques used on all these beading designs.