Resin Jewelry Tutorial Video: Free Video On How to Make Resin Jewelry Using Bezels

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Free video on handcrafted jewelry using resin!

Watch the free video for tips on making epoxy resin for a true handcrafted jewelry look

Learn how to make epoxy resin jewelry with designer Kristal Wick!

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Learn how to make jewelry with tips on types of resin, bezels, and other resin jewelry molds to use.

Prepping for DIY Resin Jewelry

The addition of resin in jewelry helps bring up the quality and keep fragile objects protected. There are many types of resin, but using epoxy resin you will want to work with either two-part epoxy or UV resin. There are great non-toxic types of resin on the market and for this demonstration Kristal uses a quick-drying, non-toxic, UV resin. She also discusses the many types of bezels you can use, and shows you how any objects with indentations can be used as molds. With Kristal’s helpful tips and clear instruction, creating jewelry using resin and bezels will become an easy, straightforward process.

Use UV resin and bezels to create jewelry

Resin Jewelry Making Instructions for Bezels

Now that you have your materials picked out, you can start the process using bezels and resin molds. Kristal explains how to be successful, from having a good surface to work on, to securing your materials to the bottom of your bezels and resin molds. Throughout the process she shares her troubleshooting tips for some of the most common issues that you may run into. Watch this free tutorial to start making your own jewelry today!

Create ejewelry using a variety of resin materials

Creative Ideas for Resin Jewelry Projects

Stuck for ideas? Kristal covers a wide range of materials you can use. Take a tour around her craft table for favorites, from glitter to napkins, fiber to transfers. But she doesn’t stop there! See how flattened bottle caps, eyelets, and flatbacks come together for a stunning and simple pendant.You can also use paints, metal, and fabric in your designs, all using the same easy to follow process that she introduces in this free jewelry tutorial. Discover the endless possibilities and Kristal’s favorites when you watch this free video today!

Follow along step by step.

Follow along this tutorial as expert Kristal Wick walks you through each step in the process. End up with air bubbles in a cured piece? She suggests a simple and fun solution to cover up the mistake. Discover new ways to use found objects and mementos in jewelry by encasing them in a layer of resin, for the ultimate in wearability and protection.

The possibilites are endless for making jewelry using bezels.