Beading Instructions: 5 Free Beading Projects to Learn How to Bead

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Are you about to start on your first bead project? Or maybe you've already nailed down the beading basics but you're ready to learn new beading techniques? Everyone needs a place to start and every beader is always searching for new beading ideas. This is why we've put together this new free eBook, filled with simply beautiful projects that will get the whole world stringing beads. No excuses!

This free eBook is a complete beading for beginners guide with quick and easy bead instructions. Each bead project includes a fabulous photo. Turn to pages 6 and 7 for illustrated descriptions of the essential beading techniques such as crimping, knotting, wireworking, oxidizing silver, and more. If you already know how to string beads and are looking for inspiration or quick bead designs to make for your friends, this free eBook will also suit your needs. Don't wait! Start creating these easy pieces and use the inspiration to create your own designs.

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Download these free beautiful projects. Learn how to bead. Explore new design ideas. Follow clear bead instructions. Master new beading techniques.

"We all started at the same place . . . the beginning. Each one of us held beading thread in one hand and a pile of beads in the other, and we began to string beads! It's amazing where the jewelry-making path takes us after this hope-filled start. Each beader makes different stops along the way: Some embrace crystals, others gemstones with every other bauble thrown into the mix. One day you don't know how to bead, the next day you are an official "beader," and life as you knew it changes forever more." Kristal Wick, Beading Daily Editor

With your free jewelry making tutorial, you'll have 5 beautiful new beading ideas at your fingertips.

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Beginner beading projects

Project #1

Sorbet in August by Michelle Mach

This lightweight, easy to wear bead project combines lava beads and lampworked coins to present a casual, wear-to-the-office look you could make in a wide variety of colors. Lava beads are made of natural rock and have a great earthy appeal, enjoy stringing them!
Great jewelry designs for beginners

Project #2

Gothic Arabesque by SaraBeth Cullinan

Stringing beads for this piece is three times the fun! With triple strands, this bead project uses the same simple bead stringing technique. The sophisticated colors in the beautiful etched shell pendant makes this piece subtle enough to wear to the office and elegant enough for a night out.
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Project #3

Eye on Midnight by Sharon Borsavage

Combine lampworked disks and rondelles with hematite beads. This lovely piece can go formal as well as casual. This cool, contemporary necklace owes its drama to a striking combination of black, yellow, and turquoise beads. Feel free to use these beading instructions to mix in other elements and explore your own beading ideas.
Download these free jewelry making projects for free!

Project #4

Très Turquoise by Marlene Blessing

Turquoise nuggets that increase in size toward the center of the necklace help spotlight the dramatic toggle clasp and cross pendant. This bead project is a blue-lover's delight. You simply can't go wrong with silver and turquoise! If desired, you can leave off the cross pendant for a simpler necklace design.

Free Beading Projects!

Project #5

Sweet Spring by Melinda Barta

This final piece is perfect for all seasons. The Lucite beads and flowers are fun to work with and have a timeless appeal. When stringing these beads, make sure that the front sides of two flowers cup the larger round bead between them. Download your free eBook, grab your pliers, pick out your colors and create amazing flower bead designs for your loved ones.

Each bead project includes luscious photography and clear step-by-step bead instructions. Even if you're just starting to learn how to string beads, you'll be able to make these beading designs in your favorite colors, and get inspiration to create your own beading ideas. In the beading for beginners section, learn how to tie beading knots, such as the overhand knot or the lark's head knot. Start developing your bead stringing skills today!

Can't wait to start one of these free bead projects? Download your free beading instructions now!

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Get your bead stash ready and start stringing beads today!

Never worked on a bead project before? Don't know where to start or how to finish? Wondering how to tie beading knots? For those who need to brush up on beading basics before starting, turn to pages 6 and 7 of this free eBook to find illustrated bead instructions on crimping, knotting, wire working and more. For everyone else, pick a bead project and start to string beads!

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Have you been searching the internet for free bead projects and new ideas to use up your stash? Do you love getting new beading ideas for yourself or for gifts? Claim your free copy of this fabulous eBook today!

With five beautiful free beading projects in one collection, you'll have a hard time deciding which to begin with. In fact, these bead designs are so popular, your friends and family will be standing in line asking you to string beads for them!

Check out these beading designs, pick one or make them all! Get your bead stash, beading thread and these amazing beading instructions, and join the fun!

In addition to these five wonderful beading designs, you'll also find two helpful pages of beading techniques in the back of this How to Bead eBook. From now on crimp tubes, wireguards, the wrapped loop, the simple loop, the lark's head knot, the surgeon's knot, the half-hitch knot, won't have secrets for you!

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5 Free beading Projects to Learn How to Bead

Don't delay!

Starting with these easy bead stringing projects allows you to enter a whole new world and infuse you with confidence, technique know-how, and creative beading ideas to keep on jewelry making.

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