How to Make Earrings with Beads

Beaded earrings are a fun and inexpensive way to add the finishing touch to any outfit. Because they don’t have to match a bracelet or other accessories, they can be an artistic way to show off your talents and personality. Handmade earrings are like miniature works of art and make a statement all on their own. As a tribute to these treasures, the experts at Beading Daily are proud to offer this new collection of six, free beaded earring patterns so you can learn how to make beaded earrings of all kinds!

Handmade, beaded earrings are perfect for beginners because they don’t have to take a lot of time or materials, and great for experienced beaders looking for a quick project! DIY earring making is also a great way to practice new techniques and enhance your work with color and design.

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DIY earrings with beads is easier than you think with this free guide from the experts at Beading Daily.
DIY earrings with beads is easier than you think with this free guide from the experts at Beading Daily.

Learn how to make earrings with beads in this exclusive, free guide.

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Learn how to make earrings with the herringbone bezel

Herringbone Bezel Earrings Tutorial

Herringbone stitch can make an easy, secure bezel for hanging on to a pair of vintage crystal stones in the Captured Crystal Cubes earrings. All it takes is a couple of grams of seed beads and your favorite pair of ear wires to make a pair of sparkling beaded earrings in just a couple of hours!

Learn how to make earrings with beads in this beaded pearl earrings tutorial.

How to Make Beaded Pearl Earrings

One of Jennifer’s favorite sources of inspiration for making beaded jewelry is antique and vintage jewelry. So when her good friend gifted her with a huge box of very special antique beaded jewelry, she decided to repurpose some of the jewelry for new jewelry-making projects.

DIY wire wrapped crystal earrings

How to Make Wire Wrapped Crystal Earrings

One wire technique that Jennifer loves is wrapping a fine-gauge wire around a heavier gauge. The finished look is shabby in the best way, and goes pretty well with her usual style. She picked out some natural copper wire and a nice, heavy gauge of antique brass craft wire, and sat down for this earring-making project using just two crystals.

DIY feather earrings free project

DIY Feather Earrings Made with Backyard Chickens

Can you believe these earrings were made from feathers shed by chooks in a backyard? When beader Melody Macduffee’s friend gave her feathers he had gathered around his yard, she was inspired upcycle them into a DIY project that was right on trend at the time. But you don’t have to have chickens to make this happen; you could do the same with any sort of found feathers in a matching color scheme.

Learn how to make drop earrings shaped as flowers in this beaded earring tutorial.

How to Make Drop Earrings Shaped Like Flowers

One of the easiest ways to create floral earring designs is to use flower-shaped beads like the crystals in Kelli Burns’s Hydrangea Earrings. Find floral components in a range of colors, including neutral shades of gray, brown, and navy or make them pop with pink like Kelli did. Selecting florals in neutral shades is also a great way to up the sophistication level and create handcrafted earrings that are perfect for any occasion.

How to make crystal beaded DIY earrings in this free beaded earring tutorial.

How to Make Crystal Earrings

These crystal sunburst earring patterns can be made in any color combination you choose, just mix your favorite color of bicones with seed beads and you are ready to make earrings that will shine! And because the materials are common, you’re likely to have them in your stash already. This easy, beautiful earring design begs to be made again and again.

What are you waiting for? Learning how to make beaded earrings is easier than you think!

Beaded earrings don’t use a lot of material and are very quick projects, which makes them great beaded jewelry gifts, as well. Don’t miss these exclusive beaded earring patterns, and they’re FREE.