Learn How to Make Crystal Jewelry with This Free Guide

What could be better than combining two loves—crystals and bead stitching—to make stunning crystal bracelets or necklaces? The experts at Beading Daily put together this exclusive beading tutorial dedicated to the many uses of one of the world’s favorite stones: crystals! The many types of crystals come in nearly every color and size, which makes them one of most beautiful and fun materials to work with. Now is your chance to harness the splendor of crystals with these five beading patterns on how to make crystal jewelry—free for you to download today!

Dive into these free beading patterns on making crystal jewelry to learn the foundations for one of the essential stitches: right-angle weave. Worked in units of four, each bead sits at a right angle giving you that signature look. Show off your creative abilities by customizing each design to bring just the right touch of sparkle to any outfit. Download this crystal jewelry design tutorial today to get started!

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Learn how to make crystal jewelry designs when you download this free crystal jewelry eBook from Beading Daily!

Learn how to make crystal jewelry designs when you download this free crystal jewelry eBook from Beading Daily!

Learning how to make crystal jewelry is easier than you think.

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Learn how to make crystal jewelry with this top-drilled bicone bracelet design from Beading Daily.

Top-Drilled Bicone Bracelet

Cecilia is inspired every time she gazes at all the colors, shapes, and sizes of Swarovski beads and crystals available at her local bead shop. Her inspiration led to the creation of this dazzling crystal bracelet, which takes full advantage of each crystal bead that is found throughout. The crystal beading combines top-drilled bicones with fire polished rounds to make this a sophisticated and multi-dimensional piece of crystal jewelry that you will treasure for years. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and you will be on your way to a beautiful and eye-catching crystal bead bracelet.

Learn how to make crystal jewelry with this heart-toggle clasp bracelet design from Beading Daily.

Heart-Toggle Clasp Bracelet

Share a little heart with this sweet crystal bead bracelet from Japanese designer, Miwako Nara. Using many types of crystals and a combination of two stitches, this delicate crystal bracelet is accentuated by the heart-shaped toggle clasp. For a finished crystal bead bracelet that has crystals through and through, follow the instructions for the blue crystal bracelet, or for a more classic appeal, simply use pearls in the place of bicones when working up the crystal bracelet base. Once everyone sees the sparkle, they will be lining up to have you make their very own crystal bracelet.

Learn how to make crystal jewelry with this ruffled-beaded bracelet design from Beading Daily.

Ruffled-Beaded Bracelet

In this crystal bead bracelet you will discover how working in rounds of increasing larger crystal beads forms a wavy edge of crystal beading without altering the basic thread path. A delightful row of pearls blend gracefully with the many sizes and types of crystals to form this rich crystal bead bracelet. Small stitches pinch in the sides of this crystal jewelry design to give the finishing touch and the appearance of a pea pod. The contrasting colors that designer Kelli chose create a feel of royalty, but nearly any color combination of crystals you could think of would create a magnificent bracelet.

Learn how to make crystal jewelry with this rivoli stone necklace design from Beading Daily.

Rivoli Stone Necklace

Capture the spirit of the Renaissance when you learn how to capture a set of crystal stones in open-backed bezels in this Beadwork magazine Designer of the Year project. All you need are seed beads in your favorite colors and a handful of crystal Rivoli stones to create a beautiful, beaded crystal necklace that you can wear anywhere. The rings that form the centerpiece of this crystal necklace celebrate circles, one of the most basic and most appealing of shapes, while a variation of netting forms the neck strap with triangular and square shapes. Swarovski beads can substitute the use of the dentelles.

Learn how to make crystal jewelery with this off-loom crystal necklace design from Beading Daily.

Off-loom Crystal Necklace Project

Crystal beads can mix with just about any other type of bead, and if you need proof, check out Jean Campbell’s Glam Garland necklace. Jean mixes crystal beads with lovely resin jewelry-making components for a stunning, stylish crystal bead necklace. Wear this bold reversible off-loom extravaganza to your
next holiday party and you’re sure to witness a good dose of jaw-dropping. This crystal necklace pattern has a holiday-themed colorway, but change the colors to your liking for a festive necklace year-round.

Incorporate crystal jewelry into your future beaded jewelry projects to add more shine to your jewelry!

Use Swarovski beads and all other types of crystals along with these free crystal jewelry patterns to create these magnificent pieces. What are you waiting for? Learn how to make crystal jewelry from these exclusive, free beading patterns and impress everyone! Download today: