5 Free Brick Stitch Patterns You Have to Try

Discover five new brick stitch patterns in this free craft tutorial. Beading with this stitch is an essential skill to the bead lover. Download this free lesson and receive five free patterns from expert beaders. Learn ways to create flat beautiful designs in your beading projects. It’s flexible enough that it easily bends into tubes, cuffs and rings to make all your beading designs come to life.

This free eBook contains easy-to-follow beading instructions that will guide you through the process of making these stunning beading designs! Download your free eBook today! Use these seed bead patterns to make handmade beaded jewelry that you’ll wear every day. You will love the sturdy designs that hold up to everyday wear. The clean lines create eye-catching jewelry that you’re sure to get compliments on. Don’t wait to get started making these free brick stitch beading patterns that you’re sure to love! These beading patterns are perfect seed bead projects to use the beads you already have in your stash.

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You have to try these 5, FREE brick stitch patterns from Beading Daily.
Free and exclusive brick stitch patterns to create unique beaded jewelry designs, such as brick stitch earrings.

Create seed bead projects and more with these exclusive how to brick stitch patterns guide.

This free tutorial on brick stitch patterns will guide you through beading instructions every step of making these original beading patterns. Our expert beading designers compiled the best beading patterns with easy-to-read instructions and detailed diagrams to guarantee you’ll love making these brick stitch projects. Don’t miss this opportunity to get these incredible free beading patterns.

New to brick stitch? It's easier than you think. Create this beginner brick stitch necklace pattern from Beading Daily.

Beginner Brick Stitch Necklace

This is an excellent project for a beginning beader learning brick stitch. Cube beads stack up neatly and have large holes that allow for multiple thread passes. It’s a portable project—you can take some beads with you and whip together the individual diamonds that you can then assemble later at home. You should be able to make six diamonds in an hour once you have the basics of brick stitch down. Plus, if you like to bead on the go, you don’t have to lug the whole project with you: you can work on one section at a time with this DIY necklace.

Great way to learn both circular brick stitch and free-form brick stitch with this circular brick stitch bracelet pattern from Beading Daily.

Circular Brick Stitch Bracelet Project

This bracelet is a great introduction to both circular brick stitch and free-form brick stitch—and a fabulous way to showcase a large bicone-shaped bead. The brick-stitch work around the focal bead was inspired by Diane Fitzgerald’s paisley motif in her book Beading with Brick Stitch.

If you like DIY earrings, then you'll LOVE these brick stitch earrings from Beading Daily.

Aztec Sunbursts Brick Stitch Earrings

A perfect balance of matte and shiny copper-hued cubes, triangles, and three different sizes of seed beads are joined using several stitches, resulting in a pair of earrings striking enough for an Aztec queen.

Don't miss out on learning how to create a brick stitch bracelet with this how to make a cuff bracelet pattern from Beading Daily.

How to Make a Cuff Bracelet

This brick-stitched bracelet design was inspired by the oval braided rugs Rachel remembers in the home of a childhood friend. Personalize yours by varying the ruffle pattern and adding a special button.

Don't get choked up while learning about brick stitch beading, create this modern brick stitch choker design from Beading Daily.

How to Make a Choker Necklace

This beaded necklace pattern cleverly combines two types of stitch to form perfectly shaped flowers. Attach them from petal to petal for a pretty choker-style necklace. This adaptation of modern beading projects incorporates ladder stitch and beaded netting, too. Have fun with these patterns and make this beautiful necklace a great addition to your wardrobe!

You’ll get endless compliments on your beaded jewelry made from these brick stitch patterns.

This free eBook contains how to brick stitch pattern instructions that will guide you through the process of making these stunning beading designs. Every successful beaded jewelry designer needs to learn this vital beading stitch technique.