Beading Stitches and Beadwork Techniques: 5 Free Beading Patterns for Seed Beads

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Due to popular demand, the experts at BD have put together an eBook exclusively dedicated to seed bead projects! Download this free eBook and begin working on free bead patterns that will help you explore your creativity. Discover new bead weaving patterns like the triple spiral roping technique. Expand your knowledge on the beadwork essentials, like the peyote and brick stitches. Show off your creative abilities when using up to four techniques to create one beaded necklace. Now is your chance to learn a variety of seed bead designs, just download these free beaded patterns today. Get out your beading needles and download this free eBook now.

It’s time to discover new beadwork techniques! In this free eBook you will brush up on essential beading stitches, while also learning brand new techniques. Download this eBook today and receive five free beading patterns that will help you explore your bead weaving abilities.

5 Free beading Patterns for Seed Beads

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Free Beading Patterns for Seed Beads

Best seed bead stitches and beadwork techniques inside!

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5 FREE Beading Projects

Free Seed Bead Pattern: Gift Box Necklace

Free Seed Bead Pattern #1

Gift Box Necklace
by Lauren Gross

After being inspired by a netted box she saw in a beading magazine, Lauren Gross set out to construct a beaded box without making six separate sides. The solution came to her in a dream: easy-to-weave cubes composed of two peyote-stitched strips. Gross then decided to create a beading pattern that could best show off her new inspiration. Using the essential beadwork techniques, like the flat peyote stitch and wireworking, this free beading pattern will push your beadwork skills to the next level. Make as many peyote-stitched cubes as you want to go on your “Gift Box Necklace”. Be elaborate with nine or simple with one. Just follow the step by step instructions and you are sure to have a rewarding end result with this bead pattern. Download this free eBook now and start creating some very unique seed bead designs today.

Free Seed Bead Pattern: Fresh Twist

Free Seed Bead Pattern #2

Fresh Twist
by Doris Coghill

You’ll love this “Fresh Twist” necklace design Doris Coghill has created. It is the perfect Beadwork pattern because it incorporates various beading stitches to create one beautiful masterpiece. The twisted herringbone tube is the main attraction in this beading pattern. Each color used in the tube is accented to perfection because of the simple twist throughout. The beading stitches used in this seed beading pattern are the ladder stitch, the tubular herringbone stitch and the classic peyote stitch. Combining all of these beading stitches allows for a very intricate finished product.

Free Seed Bead Pattern:Crystal Radiance Brooch

Free Seed Bead Pattern #3

Crystal Radiance Brooch
design by Marcella Austenfeld

Whether you are going out for a night on the town or to brunch with the girls, a brooch is the perfect exclamation point for any outfit! This brooch of concentric circles of brick stitch requires making gradual increases from round to round by changing bead sizes as well as changing the number of beads in each row. Get ready! The way the seed bead patterns vary in this one brooch, can be tricky to follow, so in order to be successful with this free bead pattern you must pay close attention to the instructions. Looking for something to add a little glam to your outfit? Start beading this gorgeous brooch today!
Free Seed Bead Pattern: Sumptuous Spiral

Free Seed Bead Pattern #4

Sumptuous Spiral
by Nancy Sathre-Vogel

Classic Beadwork designs are often explored and redesigned in new and exciting ways. This is what Nancy Sathre-Vogel has done. She fell in love with double spiral the first time she saw it. Then she started thinking, “Why stop there? What about triple spiral? Where is the limit?” Her explorations led to this stunning version of a triple spiral, which is a challenging stitch that is well worth it! The bead weaving techniques used in this free beading pattern are the flat peyote stitch, spiral rope, stringing and crimping. Seed beading is taken to a whole new level in this bead pattern from Nancy Sathre-Vogel.

Free Seed Bead Pattern: Snow Fairy Bracelet

Free Seed Bead Pattern #5

Snow Fairy Bracelet
by Tatiana Van Iten

Stretch your beadwork abilities! In this free bead pattern you will find a one of a kind bracelet that will take your beadwork skills to an entirely new level of fun! Using the right-angle weave technique, along with the flat peyote stitch, the square stitch and fringe, you can create an icy, elegant bracelet. This embellished right-angle weave technique has unlimited possibilities, and it can be varied depending on your creative abilities and desires. This free beading pattern has detailed step by step directions, a materials list and tools needed to complete the beading pattern.

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Download this free eBook now and get a variety of seed bead projects to start working on. Learn to create beautiful seed bead designs, while also learning new techniques that can expand your beadwork abilities.

Free bead patterns are available to you now. Claim your eBook today and download five free beaded jewelry patterns that you can start beading today. All of these beading patterns use different beading stitches. Each stitch is used in unique ways, which will take you to the next level with all your essential beadwork techniques.

5 Free beading Patterns for Seed Beads

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5 Free beading Patterns for Seed Beads

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