Bead Necklace Patterns for Necklace Making:
7 Free Beaded Necklace Designs

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If you're interested in making jewelry, beaded necklaces are a fun and popular place to start! Beading Daily wants to help you in your necklace making adventures by giving you this free eBook with seven stunning beaded necklace patterns—sure to get those creative juices flowing!

If you're new to making jewelry, artist and designer Leslie Rogalski warns: "You're going to find it difficult—maybe impossible—to stop making bead necklaces." Feeling up to the challenge? Start one or try all seven of these patterns today and see how addictive necklace making can be. Show off your creative abilities by customizing each design to bring just the right touch to any outfit. Get all seven bead necklaces and learn how to make necklaces when you download this free tutorial today!

Get 7 free beaded necklace designs when you download this free necklace making eBook today!

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This lovely collection of seven jewelry patterns is a must-have. Each design comes with a color photo and intuitive beaded necklace instructions! This free lesson is loaded with imaginative projects and eye-catching necklace designs. How fun will it be when you can proudly tell those admiring your bead necklace design: "I made it myself"! Along with this free lesson, you'll also receive a free membership to our Beading Daily community. Your membership provides you access to our free projects library, our beading community blogs, and our daily email newsletter with all sorts of tips, tricks, and more free projects!

Get all 7 free beaded necklace patterns!

Whether you are a beginner or are already a pro, you're sure to enjoy this collection of seven free jewelry patterns.

With your free beading tutorial, you'll be on your way to making jewelry pieces that are sure to get noticed!

  Yes I want My Free Collection of Beaded Necklace Designs!
Explore all the possibilities of beaded necklaces

#1 - Big Island bead necklace

Design #1

Big Island Necklace by Leslie Rogalski

Make a playful statement with this colorful bead necklace that will fit your budget and your schedule! This easy, claspless handmade beaded necklace combines fiber wrapped beads and seed beads for a high-class look. Simple stringing and crimping techniques are all that are needed to complete this fanciful necklace design.

#2 - Dragonfly beaded necklace design

Design #2

Dragonfly's Garden by Julia Watt

Give simply strung pearls a lush look by weaving in a second strand, creating a gently meandering trail of glistening seed beads in this design. Add silver accents of dragonflies, a hedgehog, and a floral toggle for a completely enchanting necklace design. This is one of the best beaded necklace patterns for experimenting with a variety of techniques and learning how they come together for a unique look. Check out these instructions for a quick tutorial on wireworking, stringing, crimping, and fringe before beginning this piece.

#3 - Beaded necklaces can use a variety of techniques, like this necklace

Design #3

Shining Example by Marcella Austenfeld

A class with Marcia DeCoster at the BeadExpo show in Oakland inspired Marcella to use right-angle weave to create the square crystal focal piece in this handmade jewelry piece. She was already familiar with the stitch, but the class helped her visualize its many applications and versatility. This bead necklace pattern includes clear instructions and images to help you successfully create each element in the design.

#4 - Chain maille makes for an interesting necklace design

Design #4

Parallel Chain Neckdrape by Barbara Hance

This chain maille necklace design was inspired by Stephanie Everett's two-toned parallel chain bracelet pattern. The chanmaille design is worked in manageable segments of chain, starting with the longest portion. Each step is clearly outlined with detailed images to help you along the way. Assemble the piece and add a beaded chain or chord for the final touch in this necklace design.

#5 - Glass pendants make great centerpieces in bead necklace patterns

Design #5

Heart of Glass by Terry Rhoades

A lampworked bumpy glass donut takes center stage in this fast and easy handmade beaded necklace. Simply attach the lampworked donut to the chain, add crystals to another piece of chain, then add some interest with a charm or bead at the bottom. This handmade beaded necklace is so quick and easy you may not want to stop at one!

#6 - Bead necklaces with fresh necklace design appeal

Design #6

Fried Green Tomatoes by Melinda Barta

Like a light snack on a summer day, this scrumptious necklace will fulfill your beading hunger. This handmade beaded necklace is created using two wires, sometimes adding elements separately, sometimes adding an element to both. The fresh looking seed beads and glass rounds are the perfect accent for painted wood tubes and a vibrant pendant. Although the necklace design may look complicated, there are only five steps to follow from start to finish.

#7 - Lariat bead necklace design

Design #7

Red Currant Lariat by Anne Merrow

After working on Mastering Beadwork and Getting Started with Seed Beads, designer Anne Merrow was inspired to try a spiraling herringbone stitch. This handmade beaded necklace includes a unique design element, a curlicue tail that not only holds the beaded necklace in place, but also gives it a vine-like feel. Beautiful glass beads hang from each end, utilizing simple wireworking skills to create the bunches. Along with detailed instructions, many of the steps include 2D and 3D images to help guide you through the stitch design. Download this pattern to learn how to make beaded necklaces using a variety of techniques and skills!

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Get creative with these free beaded necklace patterns.

Are you looking for something pretty to add that finishing touch to your outfit? Start with the whimsical Dragonfly's Garden necklace design, or the super sparkly Shining Example beaded necklace. If you're looking for the perfect gift, who wouldn't love the claspless Big Island Necklace (psst . . . they don't need to know that this handmade beaded necklace is easy and inexpensive to make)! If you've always wondered about chain maille, the jaw dropping Parallel Chain Neckdrape is sure to catch your eye and the attention of everyone who sees it. Next, in our necklace patterns lineup, is the simple and sweet Heart of Glass Necklace—the unique lampworked donut, silver chain, and sparkling crystals makes this necklace design a must-have for your collection.

The fun and summery Fried Green Tomatoes beaded necklace combines fresh seed beads with painted wooden beads for a scrumptious necklace design. The final of the seven beaded necklace patterns is the Red Currant Lariat. This uniquely designed beaded necklace includes a tubular herringbone stitched rope with a built in curlicue tail to give it a vine-like feel.

In addition to these seven creative necklace designs, you'll get instructions on how to make beaded necklaces, plus a dedicated page to must-know jewelry making techniques. Ready to get started? Download all seven patterns and begin your journey to beautiful pieces of jewelry!

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Learn how to make beaded necklaces using a variety of materials and techniques.

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